Roofs made for the long haul

Flat roofing, also known as “low-slope” roofing is predominantly covered in modified bitumen. Modified bitumen is what keeps most flat roofs watertight in Hawaii. Pitch and gravel used to be the normal roofing material for flat roofs, but changes to building codes and upgrades in technology have led the roofing industry to modified bitumen.

Installing pitch and gravel was messy, dangerous and smelly. It was the most common type of flat roofing in the roofing industry from the 1930s to the 1970s. Then rolled roofing took over the flat roofing industry with a base ply and cap sheeting system that was much safer to install than the hot coal tar that needed to be melted in a kettle at job sites.

Rolled roofing technology has come a long way since then. MRC Roofing prefers to install the highest quality rolled roofing in the market. That’s why the company chooses CertainTeed Flintlastic modified bitumen rolled roofing when waterproofing low-slope roofs. The Flintlastic system is self-adhering and doesn’t require hot tar or melting torches.

Modified bitumen is asphalt infused with rubber, allowing the asphalt to be manufactured in rolls. CertainTeed created a patented adhesive that allows roofers to lay the modified bitumen without using torches. The adhesive is very strong. It’s nearly impossible to remove a Flintlastic self-adhered system without damaging the wooden roof structure beneath.

MRC Roofing has never torn off a CertainTeed Flintlastic self-adhering modified bitumen roofing system. That’s a bold statement that can’t be made about other brands of low slope roofing. To maintain its reputation as a leader in the roofing industry, MRC only installs high quality materials. CertainTeed’s Flintlastic system is such a product. It’s a maintenance-free system with a life expectancy of 35 years.

MRC has been roofing Hawaii for over 32 years. Over the decades the company has determined which manufacturers make the highest quality products for every roofing application, and concluded that self-adhering modified bitumen is currently the best material for low-slope installations.

If you have a low-slope roof you may want to inspect it for age and serviceability. If it’s leaking, let MRC know and we will come by and provide you a free quote.

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