When it comes to roofing your structure, the number one most important aspect is the material quality and workmanship of the underlayment installation. MRC Roofing only uses high quality underlayments. MRC never uses synthetic underlayments that have not been time tested in the field.

MRC only uses underlayments that will seal around the nail penetrations. Synthetic underlayments are not known for their nail sealing qualities. Synthetic underlayments are even known to tear when penetrated by nails.

The pliable qualities of premium underlayments seal around nail penetrations as the upper layers of roofing are installed. The premium underlayments (200 square feet per roll) cost a little more than the synthetic underlayments (1,000 square feet per roll) but the added assuredness of a water tight roof, allows our customers to sleep well at night even during rain storms.

Organic asphaltic underlayments have been time tested in the field to last the expected lifetime of the shingles or granulated cap sheets on the upper surface of the roofing system. Only allow your roof to be water tightened with premium time tested materials.

Stainless Steel Roofing Fasteners

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